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801-452-4800   |  575 E 2900 N, North Ogden, UT 84414

NOJH PTSA General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

9:00am, NOJH Teacher Lounge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


In attendance:

Amy Jacobs Keri Fidler   Jill Kirkham Kat Monette

Don Morse Rachel Hedgepeth Mindy Pendergast       Jamie Hunter

Julie Simmons Kristyn Humphreys Julie Satterthwaite       


Welcome: Jill welcomed and initiated Pledge.


Review of Minutes: September minutes were approved and posted online.


Principal’s Report (Don):

  • Year has gotten off to a great start
  • Growth of 100+ students expected for next year
    • All students in North Ogden City attend NOJH
    • Lots of growth at the north and south end of the city
  • Safety
    • Lock-down drill went well yesterday
    • Focus on improving to keep students safe
  •   Licensed Clinical Social Worker at NOJH every Wednesday


Counselor’s Report:

  • Grateful for all of the effort that made Try It Knight a success


Try-It Knight Recap:

  • HUGE kudos to all who helped--especially Kristyn, Kim, and Jill
  • Stamps for visit to mental health resources worked great
  • Counting for raffle tickets was hard
    • Next year consider just having them drop their passport for entry
    • Use random number generator for prizes
  • Kristyn has the passports so we can determine which activities were most attended
    • Amy will tally up stamps
  • Bracelet making had challenges. 
    • Consider a printout of instructions for next year
  • Bubble Soccer has ideas to improve for next year
    • Young children can roll down hill
    • Older students play regular rules


PTSA Reps (Mindy): 

  • Reps did a great job volunteering at Try It Knight
  • Red Ribbon Week is next week
    • PTSA will support Mr. Short’s efforts
    • Mindy & Kristyn will get signs and supplies
    • Monday: Students will receive a doughnut for signing pledge
    • Candy to be passed out on other days
  • Teacher Appreciation posters have already been started
  • Will attend PTSA day at the Capitol
    • Need to schedule bus
  • Next Rep meeting is 11/12 after school in the library



  • Due 10/14
  • Only had 7 entries from NOJH
  • How to get better teacher support next year
    • Students don’t see why they should enter
    • How can we streamline it for next year to save so much energy being spent on so few entries
    • Could students work on projects during KITR? Extra Credit?
  • Theme for next year is “I Matter Because”


Bylaws (Amy):

  • NOJH expire on 12/1 (they are valid for 2 years)
  • We are not changing anything at this time
  • Amy presented and the office will post for 30 days
  • PTSA members will vote at November meeting


President’s Report: (Jill)

  • Christmas Tree Jubilee
    • Julie Simmons will help
    • Jill will get more info at the next meeting
  • Box Tops app is working great. Encourage everyone to use it
  • Still have T-shirts available for purchase and for order


Next Meeting:

  • November 20 @ 9:00 am

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