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NOJH PTSA General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

9:00am, NOJH Teacher Lounge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


In attendance:

Amy Jacobs Keri Fidler   Jill Kirkham Erin DeLuna

Don Morse Rachel Hedgepeth Dominique Dietz Mindy Pendergast

Marlisa Lund Kristyn Humphreys Holly Stowers Lexi Mills

Welcome: Jill welcomed and initiated Pledge.


Review of Minutes: October minutes were approved by email and posted online.


Principal’s Report (Don):

  • There is a lot of good going on at the school
  • Honor Society field trip to The Leonardo
  • Volleyball and NAL going to playoffs
  • NOJH and Mrs. Wright doing great with math. Students are well-prepared for WHS.
  • Legislature is studying budget caps to equalize student contribution.
    • Intent is equal access, but it will dramatically impact school budgets.


Counselor’s Report (Dom):

  • Counselors working as cone to help students with less than 85% attendance & failing 1 core class. Offering support programs to improve.
  • 7th Grade PCCR 12/16&17
  • 8th Grade PCCR
  • 1st Quarter incentive to Walker Theater
  • Regents scholarship is being shifted to need-based in 2021.


PTSA Reps (Mindy and Lexi): 

  • Service Project-Don will help come up with project ideas based on needs.
  • Dom will help with Earth Day
  • Valentine’s Day Stomp
    • Tuesday, 2/12 12:30-2:30
    • Vday Theme
    • Heather and Molly in charge
    • Little Debbie’s for treats
  • Working on Teacher Appreciation posters
  • Discussed Kindness Card program
    • Kindness Week in January
  • Capitol Day
    • Mindy will check with Melissa Fronk about the bus
    • Need to complete online registration


Fundraising: (Kristyn)

  • Call for help distributing the renewal letters
  • $200 for a new business or $175 for renewal
  • Send email to whole school seeking business sponsors


Reflections (Amy & Rachel):

  • 12/2 Council Awards @ WHS 7:00pm
  • 17 entries
  • Next year could photos of entries be displayed on school slideshow


President’s Report: (Jill)

  • Red Ribbon Week Review
    • Went good but need more doughnuts for next year
    • Need a bigger budget for doughnuts (at least 650)
  • Doughnut Day
    • Cassie will be in charge and choose a date in December
  • Christmas Tree Jubilee
    • Julie is done with the wreath-photo looked great
  • Teacher Appreciation lunch - street tacos?


Next Meeting:

  • January 15 @ 9:00 am

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