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Wednesday January 12, 2022

Attended: 3:00 P.M. – Principal Long’s Office 

Ms. Wendy Long, Principal     Ms. Marty Roskelley-recorder

Mr. Mike Brown, Assistant Principal Ms. Naomi Trammell, Parent/Chairperson    

*Mr. Matt Deamer, Counselor Ms. Keri Fidler, Parent/Co-Chairperson     

Mr. Rhett Fronk, Parent/Counselor Ms. Marlisa Lund, Parent

Ms. Angie Erickson, Parent

Excused: Mr. Harry Short, Teacher; Ms. Mindy Pendergast, Parent

Welcome:  Ms. Wendy Long, Principal 


School Land Trust:   

  • Ms. Wendy Long stated to update any of their information for council membership to 

Ms. Marty Roskelley.

  • School Land Trust website should be back live by January 15, 2022.  NOJH is due March 9th, 2022.  Ms. Wendy Long reviewed the items in the Plan.


School Counselors:  

  • Mr. Rhett Fronk, Counselor stated School Registration is in progress.  
    • Seventh grade just finished on January 11th, 2022.  English class period, NOJH Library, counselors, and parents were welcome to attend.  Eighth grade is done.  Elementary schools are scheduled for the end of February.  Get classes students want and keep classroom sizes down.
  • *Mr. Matt Deamer, Counselor stated in February, the State holds Counseling accountable every six years.  Seven standards need to be followed, data driven. 
    • Activities – Reality Town, College Week, go to the OWATC, free flowing exploration.
    • Ms. Wendy Long discussed the money and the desire for our students to experience Reality Town.


School Food Pantry:  

  • Ms. Wendy Long stated that Ms. Malinda Nelson, Science teacher-Nat’l Honor Society Advisor along with her Honors Officers and every teacher, are helping with the school food pantry.  
  • Question was asked if the needy or new move ins need help with carpool rides?  PTSA help? Back to School night or at sixth grade registration asking their teachers to help.  Must be careful in how we offer to help.


Parent Teacher Conference:  Wednesday February 23, 2022

  • Still waiting to see if they will be online or in person conferences. 


Basketball:  3 – 0 winning, with a lot of student support.  

  • Next game will be a HOME game. January 13th @ 3:00PM against Snowcrest Jr. High 

School Play:  Disney “The Little Mermaid Jr.” 

  • February 11-12, 18-19 – 7:00PM  and  February 12, 19 – 2:00PM
  • Ms. Wendy Long stated that there has been a lot of practicing involved.  It’s been fun to watch in the halls and on the stage.  


Professional Development:  Mr. Mike Brown, Assistant Principal

  • District impressed with NOJH teachers, their knowledge and usage of Canvas.  They also utilize Gimkit and/or Nearpod software programs.  Our teachers are Awesome! 
  • Gimkit is a game for the classroom that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win.
  • Nearpod is Real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities.



  • Our students want to support a former student that has cancer and his family.  

S.B.O. Officers, Cheerleaders, and PTSA are taking the lead in this endeavor.  Thank-you.

  • In Wisconsin, a school districts website got hacked.  New definition of a snow day. There is a need for teachers to have hard copy lessons and pens, pencils, and papers for backup.  
  • Concern for teacher burn-out, we rely on them too much and could lose them.  Community Council members are offering to help identify and eliminate some of the teacher’s extra work such as, separate paperwork piles, rip out papers, etc.  Ms. Wendy Long stated that she has tried not to overwhelm the teachers also by passing on important information only to those it pertains to.
  • NOJH Chinese students took the Advanced Placement exam and are #1 in state.  Our students are Amazing!  With our current Chinese teacher leaving next year, possibility of our Chinese students being a part of the interview process for a new teacher.
  • Enjoy what’s happening in your classroom.  A lot of good things are happening and we are thankful for your love and support.


Meeting adjourned @ 4:00 P.M. 


Next Meeting:   March 9, 2022 at 3:00 P.M.  Place: Principal Long’s Office 


Training Video School Land Trust:  visit -


Counseling - Mindfulness:   visit:  – Our School – Counseling 

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