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Our school

801-452-4800   |  575 E 2900 N, North Ogden, UT 84414



Wednesday November 10, 2021

Attended: 3:00 P.M. – Principal Long’s Office 

Ms. Wendy Long, Principal     Ms. Marty Roskelley-recorder

Mr. Harry Short, Teacher Ms. Naomi Trammell, Parent/Chairperson    

Mr. Rhett Fronk, Parent/Counselor Ms. Marlisa Lund, Parent

Ms. Angie Erickson, Parent Ms. Mindy Pendergast, Parent (face time)

Excused: Mr. Mike Brown, Assistant Principal; Ms. Keri Fidler, Parent/Co-Chairperson     

Welcome:  Ms. Wendy Long, Principal 


School Land Trust:   Ms. Wendy Long

  • Viewed School Land Trust on screen
  • Reviewed 2 goals
  • Funding – tech chrome books, salaries, interactive televisions (almost all classrooms)


Emergency Plan Review:  All drills currently complete


Security Camera Plan:  complete

  • Plan last five years - updated our last few cameras
  • Extra time and money went into the safety of our students


Panorama:  Mr. Matt Deamer, Counselor, at the Panorama meeting


PTSA Report: 

  • Kristyn Humphreys, President
    • Keri Fidler, Secretary  
    • Candace Thomas, Treasurer
    • Marlisa Lund, Legislative VP   


Food Pantry:  Ms. Wendy Long

  • Give to those who need it and have them take the food home to their families.
  • Set up in NOJH faculty room for all teacher to help their students
  • PTSA are getting sack to put the food into so no one knows what is inside for others to see.



  • Coaches Ben Simmons and Karen Draper for NAL.  With 3 wins and the next game is home against Snowcrest on Friday Nov. 12th.  They are doing great.
  • Coaches Cory Biggar and Robyn Barker for Volleyball.  With 2 wins and the next game is home against Snowcrest Friday Nov. 12th.  Great student support.


Counseling:  PCCR time, review

  • Mr. Rhett Fronk stated that the PCCR’s for the 8th graders is scheduled for January 7, 2022.  Shortly after that will be the 6th and 9th graders.
  • November 30th is the First Quarter Incentive @ Walker Theater – Encanto (pg); 

      for those choosing not to go – Raya and the Last Dragon will be shown in Mr. Harris’ room. 

  • February 2022 is the big accreditation review for the counseling department.  Mr. Matt Deamer is in charge of it.  Graduation Rate – 1st quarter – getting those students that needed help.  Working with the teachers to get students help with current grades while doing catch up.  


Licensed Clinical Social Worker – LCSW:

  • NOJH LCSW is Ms. Larissa Adams.  Mental Health Screenings are an ongoing service, free to all Weber School District students ages 6-18.  MH Screenings are also offered throughout the school year. Contact Zach Leifson, 801-476-7892
    • Tuesday Sept. 28th, Orion Jr. High & Snowcrest Jr.;  Wed. November 10th, TH Bell Jr; Tues. January 4th, Rocky Mtn. Jr.;  Tues. March 15th, Sand Ridge Jr.                            All school screening evenings will be held from 4-7pm


Honor Society:  Activities

  • NOJH Nat’l Honor Society students made a difference with their 2nd quarter service project. The students donated money that they had earned to buy items to give to refugee children from Afghanistan. Our school was able to donate 30 kits with socks, gloves, school supplies, and a few toys for the kids to have as they transition to life here in Utah.  Thank-you for giving back to the community.
  •  November 8th field trip to Loveland Aquarium in Salt Lake City


Teacher Recognitions:  Peer Leaders

  • NOJH Peer Leaders will be recognizing our teachers during Kindness week in February 14th – 18th, 2022



  • Thank-you to our incredible custodians for working behind the scenes to keep our school safe and clean.  Nat’l Custodian day October 2, 2021


Weber School Foundation:  Christmas Tree Jubilee FYI


Open for questions/concerns:

Meeting adjourned @ 4:06 P.M. 


Next Meeting:   January 12, 2022 at 3:00 P.M.  Place: Principal Long’s Office 


Training Video School Land Trust:  visit -


Counseling - Mindfulness:   visit:  – Our School – Counseling 

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