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11/30/22 Community Council Meeting Minutes


  1. Welcome: Sherry Patton /In attendance: 


Sherry Patton- Principal                               Angie Anderson- Parent

Harry Short- Teacher                                     Julie Simmons- Parent

Rhett Fronk- Parent/Counselor                  Naomi Trammel- Parent/Chairperson


  1. NOJH News:
    1. Student Government:  Food Drive - Catholic Community Services;  help out in the cafeteria every Monday and when short staffed; clean up around the school once a week, (Trash, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping); Quarter for Cans Nov 28 - Dec 16 (To help out families in our community); attend home games and away games; Attend arts events (Plays & Concerts) 
    2. Halloween Stomp (NJHS) - (400 students) Fundraising for service projects to give back to the community.
    3. Choir Field Trip to WHS to see Pirates of Penzance; Choir perform at North Ogden City - Veterans Day Devotional 
    4. Drama - One-Act Plays - Storyville Nov 17-19
    5. Veterans Day - Student submit and honor military family members
      1. History Classes recognized Veterans throughout the week
      2. Commons TV Screens were used to honor Veterans submitted by students.
    6. Assembly - December 5 (VB/NAL Team Introductions)
    7. Counseling:
      1. PCCR- ¾ completed
      2. UScience - Aptitude Evaluation (English Classes)

- Students go to Weber High to tour their programs

- Introduces students to what programs are offered at WHS. 

- Aptitude test allows students to learn more about themselves and discover various careers they have the potential to excel in.

  1. Peer Leaders/Counseling: 

-Mix it up lunch to meet new friends and break out of social circles

-No-Tardy Party during KOTR; Eligibility: 1 or less tardies/qtr

-Snow Globe Service Project

  1. Current 9th Grade Credit Loss & Plan for Recovery (Summer Credit Recovery is an option) -Summer School shows greater benefits in comparison to Weber Online and Engenuity
  2. Students qualifying for Incentive Day 11/30 (605 students)
  1. District Vision & School Direction
    1. Safety; District PLC
      1. PLC encourages communication and synergy within the community
    2. Focus on student learning
      1. Emphasis on teachers bringing students along with them instead of simply checking the boxes.
    3. Identifying specific students who are not proficient in specific skill/standards
    4. Responding with effective interventions
      1. KOTR (Improvements ?)
      2. Homework Haven (Other subjects?)

-Interested in seeing more students take advantage of Homework Haven

  1. Student Advocates (Additional?)
  2. Before/After School (Not utilized)
  3. Classroom RTI - Small Group/One-on-one
  1. School Land Trust & TSSA Information
    1. Timelines:  Click here to access the 2022-23 School LAND Trust due dates and timelines. 
    2. Next Meetings: 
      1. March 1, 2023 (When we will discuss upcoming school plan)
      2. May 3, 2023 TBA
    3. Land Trust School Expenditures YTD: CB Leases; Homework Haven; Buyouts; 
    4. TSSA School Expenditures YTD: Lunch Supervision (Intramural Counselors); LCSW; Student Advocate; Headphones; Tech: Building Cameras, Scoreboards; Professional Development Conferences (PLC; DLI Chinese; CLT Solution Tree Curriculum; USSAP Conference (Administration); maintaining tech communications. 
  2. Questions/Concerns
    1. Vaping
      1. This is a big issue among a small group of students
      2. Would like to see a campaign against vaping. Educating students on the dangers and risks.
      3. Students are ill informed on the long-term consequences of vaping

-Heath classes will take extra time during their unit on Drugs, Alcohol, and Vaping

  1. Substitutes 
    1. Gauging interest in a full-time substitute/Student Advocate
  2. Athletic Release Form
    1. Parent concerns regarding student dismissal after sporting events

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