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NOJH PTSA General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

10:30 am, NOJH Library                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


In attendance:

Kristyn Humphreys Keri Fidler Julie Simmons Dominique Dietz Marlisa Lund Jill Kirkham Stephanie Speicher Wendy Long

Welcome & Introductions: Kristyn welcomed the group and said Pledge of Allegiance.


Minutes: (Keri)

  • Minutes were approved at end of last year and are posted online.


Principal’s Report:

  • Wendy expressed thanks to PTSA Parents for help with back to school
  • Students want to be at school and are following protocols
    • School has stepped up disinfecting and other health checks
    • Students are worried and concerned
    • Teachers adjusting teaching and other processes
    • Zero positive cases at the school so far
    • Sports going as planned so far #MaskUp


Counselor’s Report: (Dom)

  • Four learning preferences
    • In Person
    • Short-Term Flexible Learning
    • Long-Term Flexible Learning (NOJH Teachers)
    • Long-Term Remote LEarning (BYU Independent Study or Edgenuity)
  • Approximately 90 students from NOJH are doing online learning
    • Student Advocates working with them for connection and transition assistance
  • Student Services on website working with social and emotional learning
  • Mindfulness being taught in some classes
    • Positive Rewards will be given to teachers who are providing this training
  • Data Project for this year: Monitoring Hispanic students with 3.0 GPA or higher and offering support and encouragement for honors classes. 


Treasurer’s Report: (Kristyn)

  • Reviewed 2020-2021 Budget
    • 9th Grade party/gifts was on this year’s accounting due to yearbook delay
    • 7th Grade Orientation distributed remaining t-shirts and candy bars
    • Jill Motioned to approve the new budget; Marlisa seconded that motion and all voted in favor.
  • PTSA Teacher Grants
    • 41 teachers able to join PTSA
    • All teachers who join will receive a $20 teacher grant
    • Can also apply for a larger grant for projects
    • Kristyn will get info to Dom to send to teachers about joining PTSA

PTSA Reps: (Kristyn)

  • Reps applications are in and ready to go
  • Approximately 20 student reps for this year
  • They will take over the Peer Leader Bulletin Board
  • Will be available to help with teacher projects

Reflections: (Kristyn)

  • Committee is being pulled together


President’s Report: (Kristyn)

  • Parent Teacher Dinner - September 30
  • Advocacy Conference - September 17 9:00-2:15pm
    • All online this year
  • HOPE Week
    • Will be school wide and activities will be during lunches
    • HOPE Squad and PTSA Reps will work together
    • PTSA Reps Meeting Thursday Sept 17
    • Volunteer List sent around
    • Tuesday - Tony Bassett will be doing 5 minute meditations
    • Wednesday - Yoga
    • Friday - Banner for students to sign and receive a doughnut
    • Painted rocks will be hidden throughout school and redeemed for prizes



Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser - October 14 (flier with details will be forthcoming)

Upcoming Meetings:

  • October 21st @ 10:30 am

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