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Knight Minstrels



North Ogden Jr.’s advanced 8th and 9th grade choir!  This is an advanced course in choral singing. Knight Minstrels is designed to help you continue to develop healthy, beautiful vocal technique, deepen your knowledge of music theory and artistry, learn to work together as a group, and develop a love and knowledge both popular and classical/art music.  Auditions to join this amazing group are held every April.  See Miss. Romney, or her blog, for more info!

Court Singers



Court Singers is North Ogden Jr.’s awesome all-boys choir!  Two semester-long classes are offered each year for 7th and 8th graders.  Court Singers is an intermediate level course in choral singing, so it’s a great fit for complete beginners to experienced singers! Join our class and see all the fun and amazing things we do in Court Singers!




Knightingales is North Ogden Jr.’s fabulous all-girls choir!  Join one of two semester-long classes and get ready to let your inner songbird sing!  All 7th and 8th grade girls are encouraged to join this intermediate level course to develop healthy, beautiful vocal technique, build knowledge of music theory and artistry, and sing some fun and beautiful music!

Questions about choir?!

Please see Miss Romney in room 302 (she doesn’t bite…hard), or check out her Blogtastic Blog at