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Digital Usage Policy

The use of any electronic device, including cell phones, CD players, DVD players, MP3 players, IPOD’s, electronic games, laser pens, cameras (not approved for educational purposes), audio recorders, personal computers, pagers, radios, audio recorders, PDA’s, and all other electronic devices, are not to be seen, heard, or used once students arrive at school until the end of the school day , including lunch and passing time. A phone will be available for use before, during, and after school at the attendance window. These devices are distractions to the educational process. If a student chooses to bring digital media devices to school, North Ogden Junior High School is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If a device is borrowed or taken and misused by non-owners of the device, device owners are jointly responsible for the misuse or policy violation(s). School administrators, or a designee, may search a student’s digital media device based on reasonable suspicion that it may contain evidence of a violation of a school rule or policy.

Consequences of digital media device violation(s) are as follows
If a student is observed using a cell phone or other digital media device during school hours, the teacher or school employee will confiscate the device and take it to the office. Teachers will record the incident on the Discipline Tracker.

Due Process for violations of the digital media device policy is as follows:
1st Offense – Device confiscated and returned to student at end of school day
2nd Offense – Device confiscated and parent required to pick up device after school
3rd (+) Offense – Student is suspended from school for one day and parent is required to pick up the device after school