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Parents and students have a right to inspect student education records, and the right to request amendments to those records. Students’ personal information will be disclosed only upon the consent of the parent or legal guardian.

Students shall not commit any act that degrades or disgraces any other person. Students in violation may be subject to immediate suspension and / or referral to the police.

Our schedule is extremely tight and class changes are difficult to make because of class sizes limits, balanced teacher loads, etc. A $10 class change fee is assessed for all student or parent initiated schedule changes.  Counselors may refer some schedule changes to the administration for approval.

With the $6.00 mailing fee, term grades and midterm grades will be mailed directly to parents after grades are posted. Other pertinent information may also be included in grade mailings.

We encourage all students to become a member of our Parent Teacher Student Association. 

Students must comply immediately with any reasonable request or instruction from any adult in the school. This includes teachers, administrators, police officers, custodians, aides, secretaries, cafeteria staff, etc.  Failure to comply immediately is insubordination and a suspension may occur.


  • Students have 5 calendar days from the date quarter grades are electronically posted to remedy eligibility problems. Probation or dismissal from a team or office will occur if the student is still ineligible after 5 calendar days.
  • All eligibility appeals must be made in writing to the Standards Committee and must detail any extenuating circumstances. A student may only make one appeal to the Standards Committee during junior high.
  • Probation guidelines are explained in the “Constitution” for student officers and cheerleaders.


Academic Standards:Attain and maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. or better for the previous quarter or a cumulative 2.0 G.P.A. computed from the four previous successive quarters (not semester) and receiving not more than one F for previous and current quarter. The printed report card will be the basis for determining eligibility. The determination of eligibility under this rule shall be made no later than five calendar days following the last day of the grading period. Grade changes after that time cannot restore lost eligibility. Reading/Advisory class grade may or may not count towards eligibility. Eligibility is the responsibility of each individual school and will be governed by the school.

Citizenship Standards: A student participating in junior high sports would be eligible with one U, or one N and one U, or two N’s for the previous quarter and current quarter. Any other combination beyond this a student would no longer be eligible for athletics. Printed report card will be the basis for determining eligibility. The determination of eligibility under this rule shall be made no later than five calendar days following the last day of the grading period. Grade changes after that time cannot restore lost eligibility. Reading/Advisory class citizenship may or may not count towards eligibility. Eligibility is the responsibility of each individual school and will be governed by the school.

Behavior Standards: Students must maintain acceptable behavior standards while on an athletic team. Coaches and administration will determine if violations to school policy are serious enough to warrant removal from the team. Truancy, fighting, safe school violations, drug and alcohol violations, suspensions, etc. may be grounds for removal from a team.



According to Utah State Law and School Board Policy: “The student is responsible to be present in class and the parent, guardian, or other person having control of any such minor between six and eighteen years of age shall be required to send such minor to school during the regularly established school day in the attendance area of residence.” Students are expected to be in school every day unless properly excused by their parents, administration, advisor, or teacher. It is the student’s responsibility to make up work in any class missed regardless of the reason for absence. Excessive absences (even those excused by parents) may be cause for due process interventions. Consistent attendance increases student learning and achievement.


Absences not properly excused will be considered a truant.

Consequences for excessive truancies may include:

  • Lower citizenship grade in classes missed
  • Truancy-related missing work given no credit
  • Referral to Administration
  • Youth Court referral (Court fee, appear before jury of peers, etc.)
  • Suspension and /or referral to the District Office for alternative placement
  • Juvenile Truancy Court referral

Pre-Arranged Absences

When parents request to have their children excused for reasons other than medical appointments, illness or family emergencies, arrangements for such absences (example…vacations, weddings, etc.) should be made well in advance. This gives the student an opportunity to complete class work prior to the absence for full credit. A pre-arranged absence form is available in the attendance office.

Procedure for Excusing an Absence

A parent or guardian must call the school (452-4800) or send a signed note to excuse an absence for illness or family emergency. If calling after school hours, please leave a detailed message including your name, student’s name and the reason for the absence. Absences not properly excused will be considered a truant.

Checking in and out of school for partial –day absences

Medical and dental appointments or family emergencies may cause a student to arrive late or leave early during the school day. When arriving late or leaving early, the procedure is the same: Parents must check students out, in-person. Parents may call ahead to have their student ready at a specified time but for our students' safety, no student will be released without an authorized parent/guardian/contact coming to the attendance window to sign them out. Students check in and out at the attendance window by scanning their student ID.  Only those authorized in the emergency contact information for the student will be allowed to check out that student. Office personnel may ask for picture ID.


Punctuality is a very important life skill and students need to develop this skill by being on time to class, ready to work when the tardy bell rings. Consistent tardiness will result in the following consequences:


Number of Tardies


3 per quarter

“N” citizenship in class

4 per quarter  

Parents   notified that a U citizenship grade will be given for 5th tardy

5 per quarter

“U” citizenship in class

6+ per quarter

Referral to Administration and/or “Youth   Court” Referral

Yearbooks are a very important part of a student’s life and memories and we encourage everyone to purchase one. Cost is $20.00. 

Appropriate dress is important to the educational performance and attitude of the students. Students are expected to maintain dress and appearance that is modest and not distracting to students or teachers, and is not distracting to the educational process of the school. When a student’s appearance is distracting, disruptive, immodest, or is felt to be detrimental to the educational process, reasonable and appropriate action will be taken. The following expectations/standards will be followed:

  • School clothing must be modest.
  • Shirts, tops, and dresses must have a minimum of a cap sleeve, even if covered by sheer or see-through clothing.
  • No low-cut fronts, bare backs, or bare midriffs (when elbows are raised to shoulder height) even if covered by sheer, knitted or see-through clothing.
  • Shorts or skirts must be at least mid-thigh length from the knee. (Discretion of the school officials)
  • Underwear must not be visible or exposed at anytime.
  • Pants, etc. must be worn at the natural hip/waistline. No sagging pants. No pajama pants or sleepwear, including slippers.
  • Holes in pants above the fingertip line or in excess (at the discrimination of the principal) will not be permitted.
  • Headwear will not be permitted – including but not limited to hats, caps, scarves, bandanas, etc.
  • Clothing will not be permitted that is sexually provocative, mutilated, displays offensive language or slogans advertising or displaying any substances a student cannot legally possess, or is gang-related.
  • No potentially dangerous apparel items, such as chains, spiked clothing or spiked accessories, etc.
  • Hair should be well groomed and not distract from the educational process. Style and/or color should not be a distraction to others and disruptive to the learning environment. We suggest natural styles and tones (color) be used as a guideline for the student’s hair.
  • State Health Law requires that shoes be worn in the school at all times. (No slippers)
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